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We are always open and hiring resources who are hungry and passionate about Life. Wherever you belong to, whatever you aspire to be, whatever your dreams are , no matter what ethnicity you belong to, what’s your gender type? all we need in you is willingness to go out and make it big and we at Intonate Publishing Group give you that platform to achieve your full potential and wings to fly.
If you are a poet, we need you. If you love to read we need you. If you are a story teller we need you. You think you are creative, we need you. You are a gossip queen, we need you. You love Pablo Picasso, we need you. If photoshop is your drug, we need you.
We have a simple way of hiring people. Just meet us for a coffee and convince us in any of the above mentioned traits and work with a team that laughs together, eats together and drinks together.

PS : if we forgot to mention any of the traits, feel free to remind and we will add that here too.

Current Positions :
Content Specialist
Scoops Specialists
Graduates in Economics and Finance
Camera friendly script writers
Google Lovers
Social Media Addicts