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Intonate Publishing Group was formed in 2015 with a focus to create new age content publishing accessible to everyone. Currently operating in English language and having plans to expand in various languages like Hindi and other vernaculars, the aim is to become a go to publishing house for the masses of India which is having access to internet services. We are aiming to reach 100 million page views by the end of 2020 across Indian diaspora and also planning to expand the operations to Middle East and Afrika markets.

Thinkingtech.in : the website talks about latest gadgets, latest tech, future tech, smartphones, gaming and many other niches which revolve around technology vertical. The focus is clearly on Mobile Phones and Smart Phone technologies as these are the maximum consumed topics across internet among most engaging community.

Motorcyclediaries.in : The vision for Motorcyclediaries.in very simple, this is the place for biking enthusiasts. The portal revolves around the life of bikers and talks about them in person with various content formats like textual, video, podcast and images, the section called MotoGraphy is very hit among youths and garners highest number of views.

AutoIndica.com : the car portal which talks everything about rubber, tarmac and drivers. The website was created a pure play platforms new launches and giving unbiased reviews for every car so that all the car lovers seeking genuine advice for their next purchase or upgrade gets the first hand information before they make next best decision.

Stylegods.com : currently giving highest number of page views is one of the most loved portal among Indian masses when it comes to pure play style magazine. We are look upon as style leaders behing lots of trends that prevail in current times. From style hacks, to fashion labels, to designers, and DIY for cosmetics and makeup skills, stylegods serves all its audience base with amazing and engaging content.

SolarSurge.in : the first every online magazine for renewable and solar energy, although the numbers are very less but enjoys the attention of whos who of the industry and caters to lot of decision makers In the category.

Moneygence.com : a platform to keep you updated about the financial needs of an individual. This talks about the various opportunities in market for investments , which mutual fund is good for you and which insurance is best for your family, Govt Policies, and many other relevant pieces when it comes to financial planning of an individual.